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About Us

Master your mind & body.
Become the best version of you.

- This is our mantra -


The best thing you can do for the world? Become the best you.

When the word 'Yoga' is mentioned, most people immediately think of poses and stretches. This is only a very small part of Yoga, and only a relatively recent development. The physical Yoga was designed to facilitate the real practice of Yoga: the understanding and complete mastery over the mind. 

Our company is founded on the philosophy that our most important job (that enables us to best serve others and our world) is to first serve ourselves by becoming the masters of our minds and bodies, not victims of it. 

By choosing to become the best version of ourselves, we inspire others to do the same for themselves. Yoga & Pilates are excellent ways to care for ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our company's mission is to provide specialist high quality Yoga & Pilates wear that supports you in this quest.


OM Yoga & Pilates Ware was established in Western Australia, in 2020.